Frequently Asked Questions

1. Prescription Queries

Two or more products may be prescribed for you to work together and by not taking the full prescription the overall desired benefit might not be achieved. Should you not be able to afford the full prescription we will notify the doctor and ask for their permission to dispense only certain items or proportionally less of each medication.

Under the regulations for the prescribing of controlled drugs, you should normally receive enough supply for 28 days, regardless of the quantity prescribed. Only under clinically relevant circumstances may a patient be prescribed medication to last for a longer period of time.

If you have a low normal dose, and have been prescribed a high quantity, the treatment period is still normally 28 days. If you feel you are being given too much medication in a month, you should advise your doctor so they can prescribe you less.

Because of this – unless the pharmacy are expressly informed by your doctor – we will only dispense and ship medication that will remain in date 28 days after shipping.

It is not possible to substitute different products for ones that have been prescribed. Should you want alternative medications prescribed you may need to book a follow-up consultation with the doctor.  This will need to be achieved via your clinic.

It is recommended that you always carry your medication in its original containers. This is both because the containers are specifically designed for the safe storage of your medication, but also so that if you are stopped by the police your medication is in its original manufacturer’s packaging. You should also either keep your current prescription with you, or on your phone – you can view your prescription in the Dispensary Green Portal.

Your prescription is valid for 28 days from the date on the prescription with the date being Day 1.  For example a prescription dated 1st June will be valid up a to and including the 27th June.  Any products dispensed must have left the pharmacy by the 28th day.

You can view your prescription on the Dispensary Green Portal. Press Login on to top right of this page. You can also call us to request a copy.

Please contact the clinic who will be able to help you make an appointment to be reviewed by the doctor.

As per our returns policy, pharmacies are unable to accept the return of medication. Medication is exempt from the distance seller regulations and there is no 14 day “cooling off period”.

If you no longer wish to take your medication, you can turn it into any local pharmacy for safe destruction.

No. It is illegal to supply another individual with your medication. You should never share prescription medication with another person.

No. Medical cannabis oils are not designed for vaping. You should only take it under the tongue. Please follow the instructions on your medication.

It is illegal to smoke medicinal cannabis flower in the UK. Medical cannabis should also be vaped to improve the medicinal effect and safety, because of the lower heating level of a vape and how this impacts the chemicals within the flower.

Patients are advised only to consume flower via vape. This is because your dosage instruction is intended to avoid the digestive system which causes you to absorb and convert the cannabinoids differently.

If you wish to take your medication with you while travelling, you will need to make enquiries to the public health department of your destination country to find out what documentation you will need to have with you. Some countries will not allow the use of medical cannabis and others will, but they may need additional paperwork, for example an import license. 

Additionally, patients should contact the public health department in the UK/the Home Office to enquire if they need any paperwork other than a copy of their prescription in order to take their medication out of the country without any issues. 

We also advise contacting the airport or customs offices to ask for their advice in order to make travelling through customs and security as straightforward as possible.

Pharmacies in the UK are not permitted to hold excess stock of medical cannabis. This means that every item to be dispensed must be ordered specifically for each patient and sent to the pharmacy.

Occasionally, medications can suddenly become unavailable after prescribing. Where we are made aware the delay will be longer than a week, we will send your prescription to be rewritten by your clinic. Pharmacists are not permitted under the regulations to dispense an alternative medication as you may be used to with other medications.

We have arrangements with multiple suppliers and aim to stock the widest variety of medical cannabis medications. It is a misconception that Dispensary Green needs to ask other pharmacies to send us stock. All of our stock comes directly from the wholesale suppliers.

2. Payment Queries

Payment links are valid for 14 days. However, you will be issued with another link automatically or on request from our patient services team. You can pay any time until your prescription expires.

The Dispensary Green Patient Services team will send you a payment link when we have processed the scan of your prescription. You can pay when ever you are ready. Your medication will be dispensed and shipped once your medication arrives at the pharmacy.

Please look in the spam/ junk folder.  You may also want to check that the clinic and pharmacy have the correct contact details for you.

Each T21 product is capped at £150 for 30grams of flower or 30mls of oil with the exception of a few oils where they can receive either 50mls or 75mls for £150. The products must be of the same brand for the cap to apply, the 30g cap does not apply across 2 or 3 different brands, for example.

The majority of the oils are all solvent extraction with the exception of NOIDECS T1:C20.

Yes in the majority of the oils.

This is a schedule 2 controlled medication and as such the regulations state that the physical copy must be at the pharmacy for dispensing to occur and have a ink signature.

3. Arrival of Medication

Dispensary Green will notify you via email that an electronic copy of your prescription has been received. A payment link will also be sent to your email.  The physical hard copy of your prescription is sent to the Pharmacy via mail at the end of the clinic.  As soon as this is received by the pharmacy they will check to ensure payment has been made and dispatch your medication. On average, medication is delivered within 6 working days after we receive your prescription scan.

If this is your first prescription there will be a short delay of a few days whilst your clinic reviews your prescription at MDT (peer review) meeting.

All UK packages are sent via Royal mail Next day Pre 1 pm Signed for and Tracked service. Shipments over water take a little longer to arrive.

We deliver throughout the UK. However, there are certain delivery restrictions in particular areas:

We deliver by 5.30pm the next working day in the following postcode areas:

AB30 – 39, 41 – 45, 51 – 56
HS1, 3 – 9
IV21 – 28, 40 – 49, 51 – 56
KA27, 28
KW1 – 3, 5 – 15
KW16 Stromness Town only
PA20 (0&9)
PA28 – 38, 41 – 49, 76, 77
PH15, 17 – 26, 31 – 40, 49, 50

We deliver within two working days by 5.30pm to the following postcodes areas:

PA60 – 75, 78
ZE2, 3

We deliver within three working days by 5.30pm to the following postcode areas:

KW16 – non-Town
PH30, 41 – 44

Once the parcel has been received by the courier, you will receive an email notification. You will then receive further updates directly from the courier.

Due to the regulations surrounding dispensing Cannabis Based Medicines we can only dispense your medication to the address on your prescription.

If you require your medication to be sent to a different address, please notify your clinic and request that they send a new prescription to us with the address updated.

4. Contact Information

Telephone: 0208 194 6638


5. Anything Else

We are not able to provide these details.  The patient can ask the doctor at a consultation but we cannot give these out.

Due to the regulations around medical cannabis products we are not able to provide a list of products and their associated costs.

We are regulated by GPHC

Registered address:

Eprescriptions Ltd t/a Dispensary Green

Unit 3, Sherwood Energy Village, Newton Hill, New Ollerton
NG22 9FD

Superintendent pharmacist:

Mehraan Sattar

GPHC Number: 2211738