Frequently Asked Questions

1. Prescription Queries

Two or more products may be prescribed for you to work together and by not taking the full prescription the overall desired benefit might not be achieved. Should you not be able to afford the full prescription we will notify the doctor and ask for his permission to dispense only certain items.  However, it is possible to dispense proportionally less of each medication.

It is not possible to substitute different products for ones that have been prescribed. Should you want alternative medications prescribed you may need to book a follow-up consultation with the doctor.  This will need to be achieved via your clinic.

Your prescription is valid for 28 days from the date on the prescription with the date being Day 1.  For example a prescription dated 1st June will be valid up a to and including the 27th June.  Any products dispensed must have left the pharmacy by the 28th day.

We will send you a scanned copy of your prescription alongside your payment email from Viva Wallet.  We cannot provide you with the hard copy of your prescription once your prescription has been fulfilled.

Please contact the clinic who will be able to help you make an appointment to be reviewed by the doctor.

Due to the regulations around transportation of medical cannabis we are not able to accept returns.  If you no longer wish to take the rest of your medication you will need to take it to a high street pharmacy for it to be safely destroyed.

No they cannot.  The medication is only for the person named on the prescription.

No – this product is not suitable to be vaped.

It is illegal to smoke medicinal cannabis flower in the UK – we can discharge a patient for doing this.

If you wish to take your medication with you while travelling, you will need to make enquiries to the public health department of your destination country to find out what documentation you will need to have with you. Some countries will not allow the use of medical cannabis and others will, but they may need additional paperwork, for example an import license. 

Additionally, patients should contact the public health department in the UK/the Home Office to enquire if they need any paperwork other than a copy of their prescription in order to take their medication out of the country without any issues. 

We also advise contacting the airport or customs offices to ask for their advice in order to make travelling through customs and security as straightforward as possible.

2. Payment Queries

The viva Wallet payment link is valid for 1 calendar month.

The Dispensary Green Patient Services team will send you a payment link from a platform called Viva Wallet on receipt of the scanned copy of your prescription.

Please look in the spam/ junk folder.  Check that the email address we have on pabau is the correct one with the patient.

Each T21 product is capped at £150 for 30grams of flower or 30mls of oil with the exception of a few oils where they can receive either 50mls or 75mls for £150.

The majority of the oils are all solvent extraction with the exception of NOIDECS T1:C20 – pls refer them to the Team Lead for information and clarification – do not put anything in writing.

Yes in the majority of the oils.

This is a schedule 2 controlled medication and as such the regulations state that the physical copy must be at the pharmacy for dispensing to occur.

3. Arrival of Medication

Dispensary Green will notify you via email that an electronic copy of your prescription has been received. A payment link will also be sent to your email.  The physical hard copy of your prescription is sent to the Pharmacy via 24 hour guaranteed delivery at the end of the clinic.  As soon as this is received by the pharmacy they will check to ensure payment has been made and dispatch your medication. In the majority of cases medication is received within 3 to 5 days of your appointment with the doctor.

If this is your first prescription there will be a 48 hour delay for the prescription to be reviewed through the MDT process before the prescription arrives as an electronic copy at Dispensary Green.  The timescale for a new patient is approximately 3 to 7 working days to allow for this.

All UK packages are sent via Dx on a tracked express 24 hour service.

Once the package is handed to Dx for delivery we will send you an email with the tracking number.  Later that evening Dx will send a text to your contact number acknowledging that they have the package.  The following day they will provide a 2nd text with an estimated update on what time the package will be delivered.

Please notify the Clinic or Pharmacy Patient Services Team as soon as possible if you have moved or have a temporary address. When you have a follow up appointment with the doctor please make sure they write the correct and new address on the prescription.  Errors in the address on the prescription causes delays for the dispatch of the medication.

4. Contact Information

Telephone: 02081946638


Please email and ask for the complaints procedure – or call 02081946638

The pharmacy team can be contacted via one of our Patient Services Co-ordinators.  The pharmacy has an outgoing phone only so that they can concentrate on dispensing as many prescriptions as possible each day.  We can relay a message for the patients but most can be answered by the patient services team.  Any clinical questions regarding the medication should be discussed with the Doctor.

5. MedCann ID Card

All of the information about the MED Cann ID scheme can be found on their website or the app.  The app is currently not available for Apple  but is available for Android.  More information can be found here: .  This scheme is for patients who have a legal medical cannabis prescription and provides the ability to store an image of the latest prescription through the app to show to the police if stopped.

We recommend that any medication you carry outside of your home is kept in the original packaging with your prescription label still attached.  It is also useful to have a copy of your prescription with you all the time

6. Anything Else

We are not able to provide these details.  The patient can ask the doctor at a consultation but we cannot give these out.

Due to the regulations around medical cannabis products we are not able to provide a list of products and their associated costs.

We are regulated by GPHC


Christopher Ashton, GPhC Number 2058416

Eprescriptions Ltd t/a Dispensary Green, 28A Sherwood Street, Warsop, Nottinghamshire, NG20 0JW

To check a pharmacy or Pharmacist registration, click the following link for the GPhC website